We produce ethical sustainable clothing for international brands.


We work with clients from high street retailers to luxury brands translating their design concepts into beautiful sustainable, ethically produced pieces of clothing.

Scroll down to meet some of our clients and see what they have to say about working with SOKO Kenya.


Ashleigh Miller, Co-Founder, Shop Zuri

"We chose to work with SOKO Kenya because they’ve proven that it's possible to produce beautifully made clothing at scale, all while prioritising employee well-being, environmental sustainability and community impact.

They prove day after day that ethical, sustainable manufacturing is possible when putting people and community first and that the learning never stops in the effort to do good and do better!

From the moment we started working with SOKO Kenya, their team was receptive to our needs and did everything they could to meet them. From seamlessly increasing the daily output to making sure that our fabrics were washed with care, Jo, Norbert and the entire SOKO Kenya team have made sure that we have clear and open channels of communication, always striving to deliver their best work while still ensuring employee happiness and well-being."

Francesca De Gottardo, Founder of Endelea

"I chose to work with SOKO Kenya because of the many values that we share, starting from the decision to put people at the center. I was looking for a manufacturing partner with whom I could build value not only for Endelea but the fashion ecosystem in East Africa.

When I discovered SOKO Kenya I felt it was the right choice and I still think so, one year after the first phone call with Jo.

SOKO Kenya is the ideal partner with the expertise, and capacity to assist us in increasing our production quantities whilst always prioritising quality.

We love their ability to blend professionalism with humanity, and the fact that anytime we send an email or have a video call, we have always the feeling that we are talking to a person who truly cares, not just someone doing their job.

We would highly recommend SOKO Kenya to brands who are looking for a flexible manufacturing partner that can combine high-quality garments with social impact, whilst consistently delivering on time."

Alice Cracknell, Origin Africa

"Discovering and working with SOKO Kenya has been both inspirational and transformative for our business. The incredible team went beyond expectations to help us bring our garments to life and they provided support and encouragement at each step. The transparent supply chain and empowering working environment they have created for their factory workers should be considered the international standard for all fashion houses. If you are a brand looking to be truly proud of the garments you create then SOKO Kenya’s brilliant team and purpose-led approach can help make that dream a reality."


If you are an established fashion brand and want to work towards a more sustainable industry, get in touch to find out about our MOQs, we’d love to hear from you!