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The community trust.

SOKO ​Community Trust​ works with individuals to provide them with the skills needed to drive sustainable improvement in their lives and lift themselves out of poverty. The trust focuses on two key areas to do this - the SOKO Stitching Academy and SOKO Skills.

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What is the stitching academy?

The Stitching Academy teaches people the skills they require to be better placed to secure a job in clothing manufacturing. Many graduates move on to work at the Factory, the Kujuwa Initiative or in other manufacturing businesses. So far 318 students have graduated from the Stitching Academy with over two-thirds going on to permanent employment.

  • 387 graduates to date
  • Two-thirds secure employment
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What does soko skills do?

SOKO Skills works with the Stitching Academy, Factory employees and local communities to provide access to training programmes. Our dedicated team of trainers deliver training in financial literacy, basic computer skills, sexual reproductive health and rights.

Over the years, our skills training has driven sustainable improvement in the lives of over 2,000 people.

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To find out more about the work of the Community Trust or how you could work with us on an existing or new initiative, drop us a line and follow us on Instagram.

Many thanks to ASOS Foundation and lemlem Foundation for supporting our work.

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