SOKO Kenya Services


Ethical Production

We provide a transparent and socially responsible manufacturing process. Our commitment to fair wages, safe working conditions, and responsible production ensures a positive impact on both people and the planet.

Product Development

We bring creativity, innovation, and aesthetic expertise to the design and development process, helping clients achieve their vision.

Sampling and Costings

We oversee the entire sampling process, providing accurate cost estimates to help clients make informed decisions.

Fabric Sourcing

We assist in acquiring high-quality fabrics from reputable sources. Your preferences guide our selection process, offering a diverse range of options that align perfectly with your design aspirations.

Print Sourcing

From intricate patterns to vibrant prints, we specialize in facilitating the sourcing of high-quality print materials, including advanced digital printing services from trusted suppliers enhancing the aesthetics of your garments.

Trim Sourcing

Our team conducts thorough research to identify suitable trims. From buttons to zippers, we will acquire trims from suppliers renowned for their craftsmanship and quality, enhancing the finesse of your designs

Pattern Cutting

At SOKO Kenya, our cutting team excels in high-quality bulk production, prioritising efficient fabric use. Led by our in-house pattern cutter, Stephen, we turn samples or specs into production-ready graded patterns. Our advanced pattern plotter accurately prints your provided markers or patterns, ensuring precision in line with your designs.

Quality Control

Our meticulous quality control includes thorough fabric inspections upon arrival and cutting, inline QC supervision in each production team, and final checks on completed garments for the highest quality assurance.

Hand Embroidery

Our meticulous hand embroidery service delivers meticulously crafted garments and accessories, showcasing the exceptional skill of our team.

Packaging & Transport

From efficient packaging solutions to reliable transportation, we handle the logistics seamlessly. Ensuring that your products are securely packaged and delivered punctually to their destinations.

Import/Export Facilitation

Situated within an Export Processing Zone, our factory facilitates seamless importation of raw materials and exports of finished garments. We assist clients in leveraging international trade agreements like AGOA for the USA and EUR1 for Europe, optimising trade opportunities.

Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

Transparency, honesty, and commitment define our partnerships, ensuring mutual success.

We specialise in turning your concepts into enduring, stunning pieces of clothing. Reach out today, let's bring your designs to life!

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