SOKO Kenya is Sedex SMETA Certified


At SOKO Kenya, we're not only crafting beautiful quality clothing but we are leading the way in responsible manufacturing. According to our SMETA Audit report, we are demonstrating good examples with the following:

  • Wages well above the legal minimum (Our starting salary is 84% higher than the Kenyan minimum wage).
  • Free meals and Tea for all workers
  • Nursing mothers leave an hour early
  • Free childcare for mothers with children from 2-4 years

But our work doesn't stop here – we're using this achievement as a stepping stone to drive even greater positive change. We want to lead by example, showing that fashion can embrace both style and a strong dedication to people and the planet.

By openly sharing our methods for transparency, fair work conditions, eco-friendly production, and ethical leadership, we hope to prove that fashion can make a positive impact.

We're committed to continuous improvement, setting higher standards, and collaborating with like-minded organisations to create a better future for all.

Looking to enhance your brand's impact? We look to create partnerships that are mutually beneficial. To find out more, get in touch today.